Process Details: Getting from A to Z

The Conversation

You’ll share what it is you’re trying to accomplish, as well as any time or budget guidelines we need to mind. We’ll discuss this in detail in order to formulate a plan for achieving your goals on time and on budget. From this I can determine more specifically what you need in terms of a final product.

Quotes & More

Based on our initial conversation, I may provide an estimate for services. If you’re comfortable with that figure, I’ll then provide a detailed quotation (including estimated outside purchase and production fees) and contract, as well as an estimated timeline of the process moving forward.


Once you’ve decided that Keegan Design is the right choice, you’ll sign the contract, submit a deposit of half the quoted price for services, and work will commence.


I’ll research your business, industry, competitors, and historical influences, etc. Once I feel up to speed, we’ll arrange an interview where I’ll ask several questions. Your answers will help me crystallize the marketing message and how to best deliver it to your audience. (This can be done on the phone or in person.)

During this phase, I’ll also gather any copy, photography, or other materials that you wish to provide.

Concept Development

With substantial information in hand, I’ll begin to develop a concept for whatever materials are appropriate given our objectives, time and budget. 

Also depending on those factors, I’ll develop and present between one and three concepts to establish a direction for the marketing message. (We want to be sure we’re heading the right way before we go too far or spend too much time.) We’ll decide what form(s) it should take as well as the look and feel of the final product(s).

From this presentation, we can agree on one concept which I will then continue to refine and develop.

If acquisition of any photography or copywriting services is necessary, we’ll arrange it at this point. Once imagery and copy are complete, I’ll add those elements and refine the chosen concept.

Refinement & Proofing

Once the concept has been refined, I’ll present a final comprehensive rough, or comp, for your review. This will look as close to the finished product as possible. 

At this stage we will thoroughly proof materials for any errors or omissions and, if necessary, make adjustments and/or corrections. You will see and approve a revised comp with those changes made before we proceed.


When I have an approved comp, I’ll create the final artwork using it as my guide. This artwork will require final refinements and adjustments. Depending on the product, it may also involve preparation for printing or other reproductive means. For the most part though, it will mimic the comp.

Printed Media

If your project includes printing (in the case of a brochure for example) we will get final bids for your approval. We’ll also proof materials yet again before and during the printing process.


When the project is finished I’ll deliver the final product. You may receive hard copies, digital files, or both depending on the product. 

We create interest in your business by making you the focal point.