Greetings & Invitations

Bernard “Benny”

Loyal, reliable, and hardworking, Benny is also very social. Because of his strong sense of nostalgia and love of travel, he maintains an impressive collection of trophies from his journeys.

All graphic communications must be delivered to their audience in some sense of the word. But when it comes to greetings and invitations, delivery takes on a more literal meaning. In addition to  considering the look, feel, content and tone of the message, as important is the medium you choose to reach your target (your delivery vehicle), be it U.S. mail, email, social media, or print advertising.

           Holiday Greeting

            Christmas Greeting

          Christmas E-Greeting

              Valentine’s Day E-Greeting

                                      Wedding Invitation

                                  Christine Juett 

                                  Art Postcard

                                   The Dennos Museum Center

                                   Exhibition Postcards

                                   The Quiet Moose

                                   Open House Invitation Postcard

        Party Invitation Postcard

                                                                                      Birthday Celebration Poster